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  • New! MEET DASH! On April 10th, 2017 dash replaces CREST EDG. Dash keeps you connected to the C21 franchise network. You’ll be thrilled by the user-friendly dashboard, business intelligence and intuitive reporting. INVITE your office admin staff to learn more by watching the DASH TRAINING OVERVIEW. LEARN MORE about DASH by taking the DASH TRAINING.
  • New! NAR classes added to the Course Schedule.
  • New! The next Management Certification Program (MCP) is about to begin! Check scheduled classes.
  • RESOLVED ISSUE Registration Site If you have been experiencing time out issues while using the Registration Site, this issue has now been resolved. Please clear your browser cache before using the site again. Please contact us if you need more help.
  • Learn how to use social media more effectively. Watch our new videos recently added to HowToVideo's.
  • The C21 University help email has changed to Please use this email for any help needed with C21 University course information and learning platforms.
  • Looking for ZAP classes? View the schedule for times available,   EZZAP resources and videos are also available for on-demand learning.
  • CREATE 21 self-paced access is now INSTANT!  No more registration.. no more 2-3 day wait!  Click LAUNCH and get started immediately! 
  • Interested in taking courses with the CE Shop?  You may qualify for a 50% discount More
  • ​​New videos are always being added to HowTo Videos! As part of our on-going effort to produce more, better, and easier-to-access support material at CENTURY 21 University, we've added more videos to our HowTo Videos library.