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5 Myths Your Real Estate Clients Are Hearing on Reality TV And How to Respond  

By Byrd Bergeron, Dotloop
From flipping houses to finding the perfect beachfront bungalow, today’s reality show lineup continues to serve up a plethora of shows promising an armchair glimpse into the exciting world of buying and selling houses. Every episode, regardless of the theme, seems to have a ready answer for how to be successful in real estate. Watching all-knowing agents effortlessly negotiate transactions from the comfort of a nearby bistro, then welcome their clients, moving boxes in tow, into their new... read more

How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Real Estate Leads  

By Byrd Bergeron, Dotloop Inc.
Content marketing differs from what you would think of as traditional advertising because it offers your targeted audience information of value designed to meet specific customer needs without delivering an obvious sales pitch. And with an estimated 78 percent of consumers saying they prefer to get to know a business through some means other than advertising, your content marketing strategy should offer an excellent way to nurture relationships and generate leads early in the customer... read more