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How to write simple and effective email messages for business  

By Mark Whitmer, CENTURY 21
Writing a simple email message is essential for conducting business. If you own or run your own business and frequently need to email people to close sales, get to the next sales step, or simply communicate a message to deliver value, there is a successful format to writing effective email messages. Once you know the basics, then you can fill in the blanks. This is a beginners guide to standards of effective email writing. How to Write an Effective Subject Line HubSpot has written... read more

3 ways your team can make time for learning  

Here's one fact you can't argue with: Training pays. Now you might say, “No, training costs.” Yet, if you invest in your employees, that investment will come back to you. Cue increased productivity, loyalty and an all-around better team. In a 2016 survey by yours truly, we found that 85 percent of workers felt employer-provided training increased their workplace loyalty. The same survey showed that team members who trained just one hour per week saved 1.8 hours per week—or 83.7 hours per... read more