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10 Tips for Writing a Killer Real Estate Business Plan  

Written by Byrd Bergeron, Strategic Partnerships Manager, dotloop
Education and experience lay the foundation for your success as a real estate salesperson, shaping you into someone who is well-versed in real estate law, talented at sales strategies and adept at generating leads. While these are important aspects of your success, how much time and resources have you put into developing your business? Any business—including your real estate business—needs a detailed strategy for success. Here are 10 tips for helping your real estate agent business plan... read more

Real Estate for Pokemon Go!  

By Jon Forisha, The CEShop
Unless you don’t get out much or don’t use a smartphone, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go. If not, you’ve at least seen people wandering around outside – some of whom look like they haven’t done it in years – with their phones awkwardly held up in front of them. So what is it? It’s a mobile game, and has proven to be the mass-market introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) that techies have been hoping for. Augmented Reality basically means that your smartphone is taking the real world... read more

Live Tweeting an Open House  

Provided by CE Shop
It’s common knowledge by now that social media can be enormously helpful in building and growing your business, but there are so many options and possibilities that it’s hard to know where to start. Live Tweeting Live tweeting, as defined by Google, is to “post comments about (an event) on Twitter while the event is taking place”. Depending on who you follow on Twitter, live tweeting could involve awards shows, sporting events, movies, or TV shows. In the world of real estate, however,... read more