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The 3 Real Estate Trends for 2017  

By Darrin Rayner, EVP Sales & Business Development, XpressDocs
Whether you’re a new or veteran real estate agent, you’re probably always looking for opportunities to generate more listings and sales. Are you already planning your strategies for 2017 and beyond? While no one can predict the future, there are some clear trends that will be important for every real estate professional. By knowing how to leverage what will be relevant and happening in the coming months and years, you can establish a footing that can help you leap beyond the... read more

New Sales Associates And A Cultural Fit  

By Heather Jarp, C21 University
Does your formula for gaining new sales associates include assessing whether or not the candidates are a good cultural fit for your office? According to recent articles in publications such as AboutMoney and Inc. magazine, hiring managers are shifting their focus from education, skills and past work history to core values. If you want an office humming with positive zeal, look to hire someone who has the same core values as your existing... read more