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How to write simple and effective email messages for business  

By Mark Whitmer, CENTURY 21
Writing a simple email message is essential for conducting business. If you own or run your own business and frequently need to email people to close sales, get to the next sales step, or simply communicate a message to deliver value, there is a successful format to writing effective email messages. Once you know the basics, then you can fill in the blanks. This is a beginners guide to standards of effective email writing. How to Write an Effective Subject Line HubSpot has written... read more

3 ways your team can make time for learning  

Here's one fact you can't argue with: Training pays. Now you might say, “No, training costs.” Yet, if you invest in your employees, that investment will come back to you. Cue increased productivity, loyalty and an all-around better team. In a 2016 survey by yours truly, we found that 85 percent of workers felt employer-provided training increased their workplace loyalty. The same survey showed that team members who trained just one hour per week saved 1.8 hours per week—or 83.7 hours per... read more

NerdWallet: January, February prime months to purchase a home  

By Marian McPherson
New year, new home? The NerdWallet team says January and February are the prime months to purchase a home, thanks to lessened competition, lower home prices and higher mortgage rates looming ahead. Take advantage of savings now According to two years of data that includes the 50 most populous metro areas, home prices in January and February are, on average, 8.45 percent lower than prices in July and August — two of the most popular home-buying months. This trend is... read more

The top 10 homebuyer and seller fears in real estate  

By Cara Ameer, Coldwell Banker, FL
On the flip side of the joy and excitement that a home sale stirs up, real estate professionals must also guide clients through the wrung hands, stress dreams and emotional lows that wreak havoc when plans or promises fall through. And no one is immune to the anxiety or “what ifs” that creep into this high-stakes event, with life savings, financial futures and set hearts on the line. Below are two viewpoints that explore the most pressing fears that homebuyers and sellers experience.... read more

6 ways real estate brokerages can crush it online in 2017  

By Jordan Scheltgen
Next year is in the headlights, and marketing directors across the country are getting their budgets ready for the new year. Brokerages have a massive opportunity in 2017, not only for themselves (at a corporate level) but also for their agents. This post is specifically for brokerages; if you’re an agent looking for a marketing plan, I put together this list of non-negotiables for your marketing plan. 1. Have a plan Flying by the seat of your pants is not a marketing plan. Start... read more

12 Killer Qualities of a True Entrepreneur - (Part 2)  

By Tim Harris (Inman)
We conclude our series with the final six traits of a true entrepreneur. How many of our points have resonated with you? Are you on the right track or still exhibiting qualities of a employee rather than a business owner? 7. You welcome change In real estate, welcoming change means being flexible. Flexibility and versatility are some of the leading hallmarks of our most successful coaching members. When things don’t go as planned, they don’t give up — they simply... read more

4 real estate marketing trends agents can’t ignore in 2017  

This year is almost over, and it’s time to see what 2017 has in store. Find out which marketing tactics you should be taking advantage of in the new year. 1. Get on video — particularly live video Live video is where you see social media platforms migrating. If you aren’t comfortable using live video, practice with staged video first. Live video has much more engagement, and it does better on social media algorithms. 2. Pay to play on social media People so often rely on organic... read more

12 Killer Qualities of a True Entrepreneur - (Part 1)  

By Tim Harris (Inman)
Most real estate agents are taught all the ins and outs of the business — but not how to build a business. If you want to be in it for the long haul, you have to think like an entrepreneur, not an independent contractor. But, do you have to be born with those skills, or can you learn to adapt and adopt your way to a successful business? We examine the first six qualities of a true entrepreneur in our series. Do any of these describe you? 1. Take action Barbara Corcoran, founder of The... read more

Working with Today’s Buyers  

By Heather Jarp, C21 University
This surge of online information has not eliminated real estate agents, but has changed their role from listings keeper to advisor, negotiator and guide. No longer do you help the buyer find the home but rather help them acquire the home. Market dynamics vary throughout the US. Home prices are rising slower than expected, however the market is HOT in many areas, especially those that are desirable for new home buyers and move-up buyers. The process can be frustrating, however your role in... read more

Tackle these myths about real estate technology before they kill agent adoption  

Article supplied by dotloop
There are a lot of myths floating around when it comes to real estate technology, and, in particular, successful adoption of new tools across brokerages. It can be hard to determine myth versus fact. Over the course of my 15-plus years in real estate and at dotloop, I’ve learned a lot about what’s true and what’s not — and how you can avoid falling victim to common misconceptions. Here’s what I know: As the proverb goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That said, ... read more
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